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  In the given segment, LUBE CUCINE is a market leader in Italy which annually produces 65,000 kitchens

and employs 555 workers. Sales of the Lube Group are upwards of 160 mil. EUR, representing a 6.5% share of the kitchen furniture market. In 2010 sales increased by 20 mil. EUR (+14.5 %).

lube cucine  lube cucine

The Lube Group includes:

Creo Kitchens: a new company brand which produces unique kitchens and living room furniture for fashionable customers. Original, sophisticated custom designs with the ideal balance of quality and affordability.

Borgo Antico Cucine: for customers who appreciate the finest craft traditions and enjoy the warmth of wood and the atmosphere of old, rustic kitchens.

Faer Ambienti: Turn your children’s room into a safe and functional place full of colors.

Lube Volley: the flagship of the group. Lube Volley combines respect for man, a tremendous love of sport, and the deep ethical principles practiced in the world of Lube.

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