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- How do I choose my furniture?

To choose your furniture go to the CATALOGUE section, click on the product category and enter the product description. If you want to view an additional product, use the navigation buttons in the upper part of the screen.

If you need to sort your product by category, manufacturer or style, use the search filter on the right side of the screen. We recommend you use a new window for viewing any new filtered product so that your search filter isn’t cancelled.

If you wish to view a product by a particular manufacturer, click FACTORIES ON OUR WEBSITE.

If you’re looking for specific products or goods, go to the catalogue and enter the product description in the search box in the upper right corner of the screen.

- Are the pieces listed in your CATALOGUE the only pieces you sell?

No. We’re always updating our CATALOGUE. You can find the list of manufacturers we work with in “COMPLETE LIST OF MANUFACTURERS”. This list is also constantly being updated :-)

- How will I know how much the product costs?

Select PRODUCT INQUIRY, enter your contact details, tell us the product you’re interested in and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We don’t have a “price per metre” package for our kitchens. As kitchen furniture requires an individually tailored approach, the overall price will depend on the height and type of cabinets required and the materials used. We provide you with a set price for the specific products you want. Just use our form to send us a simple drawing of the kitchen you want.

- Do you have a “showroom” or any samples of the finishes?

No, we don’t have a showroom but we have a “STUDIO”. As well as reducing costs, it helps us to keep our prices as low as we can.

Surface and upholstery samples from our main manufacturers are available to view at our STUDIO. Samples from our manufacturers are available upon request and usually arrive within 2-3 weeks.

- Can I borrow your catalogue or any of the samples?

You may borrow our catalogue or samples for a limited time only and on payment of a deposit. Alternatively we can send you a link to download or browse our electronic catalogue online.

- Can you help me choose my furniture?

Yes, of course! That’s our job! In fact we’d recommend you get as much help from us as you can when choosing your kitchen. Just remember that the more information you give us, the better the results and the happier you’ll be. If you’re not really sure what you want or feel you need a few more ideas, we recommend enlisting the help of an interior designer. Just ask us for a list of useful contacts.

- What is the minimum price for making an order?

None whatsoever. We collaborate closely with our manufacturers, which means we can deliver any piece of furniture you choose regardless of the price.

- How do I order?

You have to sign a contract before we order the products for you. This contract includes a description of the requested items. A 30% deposit is required and standard delivery is 2 – 2.5 months. The balance is due once the ordered products are received at our storage facility.

- Does the price include delivery and assembly? Will you deliver the furniture to my home?

Yes the price includes delivery and assembly of the furniture. If you don’t need in delivery and assembly, the price will be lower.

We use shipping companies to deliver furniture to other cities. We’ll deliver the furniture to your shipping company’s terminal FREE OF CHARGE.

- If my place is still being renovated, can you keep the furniture in storage for me once it arrives?

Yes, of course! If all the conditions of the contract are fulfilled, we’ll be happy to that FREE OF CHARGE.

- Do you sell kitchen appliances as well as kitchen furniture?

Yes, we do. And we also offer excellent discounts on certain brands. The discount depends on the brand and model. You can find out more information in the PARTNERS section or just ask any of our team.


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